Home test for detecting Lyme disease spirochetes in a tick

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I have a tick. What's next?

When you remove a tick, you should check if it does not carry Borrelia spirochaetes. The #checkthetick test takes 10 minutes.

The test is based on an immune response. t is very sensitive and specific, so by doing the #checkthetick test we can make sure if a tick is infected.

Purpose of the test

The #checkthetick test quickly and directly detects Borrelia spirochaetes in ticks.

The #checkthetick quick detects bacteria B. garinii, B. afzelii, B. burgdorferi sensu stricto and B. spielmanii.

Simply check in 10 minutes
if the tick is infected

Fast result

After 10 minutes you will know if the tick could infect you.


The test detects Lyme disease spirochetes in ticks in over 95% of cases.

Easy to use

Test the tick at home with a quick plate test.


Safe for health, intended only for ticks.

How to test a tick with

Step 1

Place the tick in the test tube and add 3 drops of the reagent.

Step 2

Crush the tick with a wooden stick until the liquid becomes discolored.

Step 3

Using a pipette, collect the obtained liquid from the test tube.

Step 4

Apply 3 drops of the fluid taken from the test tube.

Step 5

Wait 10 minutes for the test result.

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